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Asia's most original and business-driven entertainment culture space design agency, leading brand of entertainment space design services, Pan Entertainment Culture Commercial Real Estate Gold Advisor
Founded in 2005 by renowned interior designer Chen Wu, Shenzhen Newera Design Design Consultant Co., Ltd. is the top design agency for entertainment culture space with the most original and business insight in China. The Xinye Group regards the value-added investment and the improvement of competitiveness for customers as the primary task and goal. It is good at grasping the trend of the fashion, and on the basis of the deep observation of the consumer experience, creating a unique one for the customer with a perfect design strategy. The unique positioning and the joyful space of the market charm.

So far, Newera has provided perfect space design solutions and high-quality design for famous entertainment and cultural groups such as South and North Noah Group, Hezhong Culture Group, Beida Jade Bird Music Group, Evergrande Group, Guangzhou Baxing Group and major commercial real estate groups. The overall supporting design service has successfully created hundreds of well-respected leisure and entertainment cultural spaces, catering cultural spaces, leisure and entertainment culture, commercial real estate and other classic spaces, winning excellent reputation in the design professional field and market.
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Value creator

Design leader


Business innovator

What we do
  • Design Drives Business Design Helps Competition
  • Adding value to customers' investments and increasing competitiveness is the designer's top priority
  • Our inspiration comes from the customer's ideals, which match the specific needs of the target market, creating a pleasant and amazing space.
How we work

More innovative thinking, more systematic landing ability

Founder and team

A diverse background, perspective, experience and team members in the professional field are our greatest asset. The platform-based organization and collaboration mechanism inspires team members to release their personal values and always work on the principle of “user first”.

Positioning R&D - Concept Planning - Design Implementation - Delivery Operations

Positioning R&D: Through a bird's-eye view of the business, insight into market demand, and strategically transforming it into meaningful opportunity point concept planning: integrated product, market, brand and technology strategy, providing creative, actionable and cost-effective Benefits Solution Design Implementation: Seamlessly communicate with customers to quickly and efficiently plan, evaluate, implement and monitor the entire design and construction process, ensuring that positioning and concepts are delivered to operations: not only ensuring, tracking and optimizing project operations, and Willing to integrate resources to help customers maximize market benefits and sustainable management

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