Project Description
Project Name: CLUB SIR.TEEN Ningbo
Design unit: Shenzhen Newera Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Designer: Yellow Chan
Project area: 1700 ㎡
Completion time: October 2017
Project address: Zhejiang, Ningbo

CLUB SIR.TEEN, from Beijing.

As the first stop of the new journey, Ningbo invited the Newera design team to design.

How to reshape the classics, blend art and entertainment perfectly, and spread the new entertainment style of Beijing here is the biggest challenge for designers.

brand new

Designers hope to create a whole new possibility with an open and free concept, by constructing a modern contemporary

The mainstream of electronic music culture, without losing the new international top party space of performing arts and culture classics, to create a nightclub culture, making it a special symbol of night fashion, bringing an entertainment revolution to Ningbo.


The 19th-century Art Deco style is an important clue and design language throughout the CLUB SIR.TEEN Ningbo design case. It is a continuation and upgrade of CLUB SIR.TEEN Beijing.

Spatial layout

In order to pursue the ultimate experience in the field of vision and to meet the space requirements of the syllables, the designer opened up the two-story building, making the whole space fan-shaped, and the line of sight radiated from the center of the stage to both sides. At the same time, the concept of the "terraced" deck was introduced as much as possible. Increase the business area and interaction, and the symmetrical open space layout treatment gives the scene experience more topics and insights.

In the center of the stage, the main screen of the rising trend geometry and the sub-stage of the audio-visual function of the theme music festival can be fully integrated, and the elements such as the curve line and the pyramid shape can be fully utilized to satisfy the Grammy in a limited space. The professional performance of the level is presented in a simple, stylish and modern style.

The dazzling symbol in the space - with the core elements of the Gatsby classic Art Deco, the LOGO is set with a ceiling light lighting art device with a lifting function to give a sense of space and volume, creating an aesthetic experience with a modern fashion sense. Bar design

Design experience

The indoor music festival party scene, the stunning lighting performance visual, and the interactive card seat culture, in this space experience not only fun, but from a variety of perspectives to feel the art form and lifestyle of self-seeking. Designers have given more possibilities for entertainment, making it a new dimension of both emotion and inspiration.

Design material

The whole space is dominated by black gold. At the same time, the LOGO elements of the collection are collected in the private room and aisle design, which better interprets and continues the meaning and meaning of its brand culture. And through the exquisite selection of clouds and gray stone, brushed bronze titanium and crocodile skin and the dramatic combination, it has forged a new trend of texture, reinventing the classic style of Art Deco while giving the interior space a glory and classic.


Since the beginning of the project creation, the design team of Xinye Group has taken a tribute to the classics and a new attitude of leading the entertainment. From the point of view of art, it uses the ingenuity to taste art and realize the multiculturalism while breaking the entertainment concept of traditional nightclubs. Cross-border integration has also made the new legend of China's nightclub industry - CLUB SIR.TEEN Ningbo store.