phoebe international VIP private room Taizhou

Project Description
Project Name: Taizhou phoebe international VIP private room
Design unit: Shenzhen Newera Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Designer: Yellow Chan
Project area: 2300㎡
Completion time: May 2013
Project address: Zhejiang Taizhou

A city, a kind of happiness. Taizhou phoebe international party space was invested and established by domestic entertainment chain giant Noah Ark. The consumer positioning is high-end, and it is dominated by fashionable, avant-garde design concepts and magnificent luxury decoration.

Designers use lighting technology to create a contrast between light and dark, creating a sense of excitement and psychedelic. The fa?ade floating stage leads to create a variety of spaces, while the pure color highlights the singular futuristic interior layout, giving people an ultimate dazzling pleasure. The collection of Chinese and foreign nightclub fashion elements and the entertainment system that strives to please the consumers of the new era, such as the Martian series of lighting and sound, the full-color series of laser lights, etc., all work hard to complement this vibrant and youthful 80’s Style. In this combination of perfection and novelty, every time a customer gets a completely different feeling of beauty.

In the design of the private room, the design and concept of “quality, luxury, art and international” are reflected by the combination and combination of materials such as titanium and leather hard packs. The bright and glazed glazed gold matches the blue light and shadow, and uses the light level to create space through transmission, reflection, refraction and absorption. In such an avant-garde entertainment atmosphere, there is also a neo-classical European-style decoration, with unique decorative elements everywhere in a seemingly simple space. Bringing you novelty and shock, this is the charm of art, and the unique personality that designers want to create. The ethereal imagination, dramatic elements, sleek intent decoration and cutting-edge lighting design complement the space expression, creating a unique atmosphere that allows players to look forward to the night.